What do you have to do to make your party the one they all talk about?

Sometimes it just happens. You pull together a bunch of friends there’s some food and something to drink, everyone is in the right mood and abracadabra, there’s a party they all remember.

Other times you put in time and effort and you plan and scheme, and it just goes ok. How can that happen?

What do good parties have in common?

One thing that good parties share is that the host pays attention to the guests. In a little dinner party where everyone knows each other then maybe they can deal with a host who’s in the kitchen. But on the whole guests need attention.

Some sort of focus

Big parties can take care of themselves on the day. When there’s a large mixing of smaller groups of friends then all the host need do is create a party atmosphere, get some dance party supplies lay in the booze and food and let them get on with it. People know what to do.

People want to enjoy themselves

When you turn up at a party you’re usually ready to have a good time. Mostly you want this to be fun. You’re not looking for anything other than to spend some time with friends, maybe meet some new ones, and then go home happy.

You’re not there to be mean to the host and rude to their guests, but if you are – stay home! No one wants you at the party.

It isn’t rocket science

dance party supplies

Good parties can take a bit of planning, a little effort but mostly unless it’s a once-in-a-lifetime sort of event, a little thought about who is coming, why and making them happy gets it done.